The Enviro Collective CDU has a number of on-going projects around campus. If you would like more information about how you could be involved please see the contact person listed under each project or email or post a question to the Facebook site.

Conservation on campus  
Hands-on conservation management at CDU Casuarina campus. Activities include weed management, toad busting, biodiversity assessment (including small mammal trapping), community engagement, and encouraging CDU management to actively engage in environmental management on campus. In 2017 we advocated for a weed management plan which was developed and activated in late 2017. See the Conservation on campus web page here.
Contact Penny Wurm

Help us advocate for a CDU-wide biodiversity strategy. Liaise between Enviro Collective and CDU management about campus biodiversity: what are the issues, how is biodiversity currently being protected, what needs to be improved, and how will these improvements be implemented by CDU?
Contact Billy Ross

Sustainable transport
Enviro Collective is promoting cycling to campus and raising awareness of existing cycling facilities. We would also like to see CDU promote sustainable and active transport modes. See the sustainable transport and cycling web pages for more information.

We have created a CDU Cyclists Map for Casuarina Campus. Feedback is welcomed! We hope to improve and update it over time.

Contact Bryan Baker

Recycling & waste management  
Identify long and short term ways to improve recycling & waste management on campus, and how to achieve this within existing university infrastructure.

See our new map of where 10c containers can be donated to the Down Syndrome Association NT at Casuarina campus. If you would like a collection bin in your work area contact Bliss on 0498 098 735. They take all containers labelled 10c deposit (remove lid and empty contents), including mixed carboard (milk, juice poppers etc), glass, oversized plastic (1.5L) and oversized aluminium (like Guinness cans).

Also you can bring domestic batteries of any kind and place them in recycling bins at Orange 8, Pink 3, Red 8 (library photocopy room) and Yellow 1 – (look for the red bin that looks like a secure documents bin).

Contact Rachel Tumminello

Also see the CDU Yammer Recycling & Waste Minimisation ♻ Group – contact

Sustainability at CDU
Help us advocate for an update to the CDU Sustainability Strategy and the establishment of a Sustainability Officer to coordinate sustainability policy and initiatives across CDU’s operations, research, teaching/learning and community. We also would like to see CDU promote and develop current and future renewables and energy efficiency in line with climate change policies and the CDU Sustainability Strategy.
Contact Matt Marchesi

Lakeside Drive Community Garden (LDCG)
LDCG are long standing friends of the Enviro Collective. Their vision is “to be a welcoming space where all members of the community come together to share skills, vegies and smiles. Collectively we hope to create a thriving, healthy centre for producing food, knowledge and inspiration based on permaculture ethics, principles and design”. More info
The LDCG helped CDU win the Social Responsibility category at the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) awards in 2012 (link here)!
Volunteers welcomed!
Contact Birut Zemits