See the Enviro Collective cycling infrastructure map of casuarina campus here

CDU Cycling Policy

The current policy for cycling on CDU campuses is simply about where you can ride and park your bike, rather than developing incentives to encourage more cycling. The policy is found under the tabs “Security/Bicycle safety and security” and “Parking/Bike parking” on the Facilities Management web page. This states that riding is limited to paths without coverings (meaning you are supposed to walk, in some cases long distances, to some bike racks or shower facilities). However this means you can ignore the out-dated signage around campuses that states no bikes anywhere on campus.

For our Casuarina campus cycling map the Enviro Collective studied national shared path width guidelines to help with suggesting bike routes to key destinations as well as areas where you should not ride. Where ever you are on a path ensure you are careful to alert pedestrians, give way and use commonsense. Our goal is to advocate for a bicycle masterplan with recommendations for increasing bicycle usage, improving bicycle infrastructure, implementing bicycle friendly policies, and increasing overall safety of cyclists. Sadly, CDU is the last publicly funded university in Australia with a main campus that has no specific web page for cycling information or sustainable transport choices.

Cycling facilities maps and information

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Any problems with cycling facilities (paths, racks, showers etc)? See our Report an Issue page.

Encouraging cycling to campus

In 2013 and 2017 the Enviro Collective helped cyclists take part in Ride to Work Day. In 2017 this was also supported by the City of Darwin and CDU Safety, Emergency and Wellbeing branch of the Office of People and Capability, who organised food, coffee vouchers, and prizes for cyclists – see flyer here.

Cycling data

In September 2016 the Enviro Collective circulated an online survey to help understand the needs of cyclists, issues around campus, and to collect data to help CDU management promote cycling to campus as an alternative transport. The survey results are here and were provided to CDU management in October 2016. The survey had 249 respondents of which 25% either rode most days or everyday.

In March 2017 the Enviro Collective circulated a second survey aimed at students because of the poor number of student respondents in the 2016 survey. This survey used a $1000 bike prize (obtained from a SSAF funding application) to attract a higher number of respondents, with over 100 responses. The survey results are here and the winner of our $1000 bike prize was published here.

In September 2017 the Enviro Collective conducted a bike count at Casuarina campus at the same time as the National Super Tuesday (North) bike count that has had two sites around Casuarina campus (one since 2012, another since 2016). We had four counters and one video camera to monitor the main entrances and University Drive South ‘interchange’ area. The CDU bike count maps and results are here and the results for the 2017 bike count here – see sites 5981 and 7123.


EnviroCollective has produced this brochure with the Casuarina campus bike map on one side, and information on all other activities on the other. Feel free to print double sided (on short side), fold and circulate to cafe’s, student lounge etc.

There are plenty of online resources to guide cycling infrastructure planning.

Bicycle Network now has an office in the NT and has extensive online resources here

Austroads Bicycle Parking Facilities: Guidelines for Design and Installation